VERD Extreme Enduro: Big winner of the race became a Spanish magician on his motorcycle Pol Tarres!


Today at noon, the extreme enduro and trial riders from 11 countries rode at full throttle in the stone quarry VERD. When the riders from Hobi category joined the course, the race became even more interesting for the audience, because only half of the riders were able to climb the first ascent on the first try. In the beginning of the first round, Miha Špindler was the best among, but at the end of the first round he had to resign due to technical failure. Too bad for Slovenia and Špindler, who yesterday won enduro sprint Vertical Ride. After that, Spanish Tarres and Italian Nicoletti spend a lot of time back and forth trying to get the first place. At the end of the day, about 90 riders crossed the finish line of which everyone is a winner. If not in absolute terms then in relative terms, because it is so difficult to overcome the course in the heat, dust and fierce competition that reaching the finish line is a unique victory over oneself.



Race would not have been possible without the many partners and volunteers, mostly from volunteer fire department Verd and landowners who generously gave their agreement, for the purpose of racing. The biggest thanks goes to quarry Verd - without their goodwill, Slovenia would remain without the only extreme enduro race, which is growing every year and is on its way to attract more foreign-sounding names. But as DJ Klemen Buchan jokingly commented, today riders did breakdown so many rocks that workers from the quarry can rest awhile.


Statements of the winners - Category Profi:

Pol Tarres, Spain, 1st place: "The race was technically not so difficult, so it was very fast and with a quite radical ups and downs. For a long time I was riding behind Nicoletti before I was able to overtake him at the beginning of the second round on technically demanding part. Well, I still had some of the problems - I run out of gasoline, but fortunately, one of the competitors was kind enough to help me out. Otherwise, I'm happy with my riding, so I hope to be at the start again next year. " 

Diego Nicoletti, Italy, 2nd place: "Above all I had a lot of fun on the race. It wasn’t easy, on the contrary, so many thanks to the organizer. The only thing that I can complain about a little bit is the fact that the course of the race was not marked that good. I got lost a couple of times and that’s how I lost the first place."

Philipp Bertl, Austria, 3rd place: "VERD was tough last year, as well as this year. Some sections were the same others were new this year. The biggest difference was in that this year we did two laps, which made things more difficult because of the dust on the course. Second lap is always a challenge, because you catch up to the slower competitors. Traffic jams have been an integral part of this year’s Verd! But for me personally, the toughest part of the race was the second start, because I was much better on my first start and was leading in the beginning. My next race is the Erzberg Rodeo race, after that I’m going to the race of all races, Red Bull Romaniacs."





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